Susan at 1980 Norwescon — Photo by and copyright © Andrew Porter
Susan at 1980 Norwescon — Photo by and copyright © Andrew Porter

Susan Joan Wood (August 22, 1948 –  November 12, 1980) was a multiple Hugo Award winning fan editor and fan writer, a literary editor, critic, scholar, professor, fan historian, and feminist activist. She was remarkably energetic and profoundly influential. Her writing from 40 years ago remains relevant to the latest controversies in the SF community. If she were alive today, there is no doubt she would not just be saying something, she would be doing something about it.

The Susan Wood Project is dedicated to her memory and to carrying on in her spirit.

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Susan Wood Symposium at MidAmeriCon II

The 74th World Science Fiction Convention, MidAmeriCon II will be August 17-21, 2016 in Kansas City, MO. Forty years before, at the first MidAmeriCon, Susan Wood organized a panel on Women in Science Fiction. It was an extraordinary moment. The room was packed and those who couldn’t get in crowded in the hallway outside. The discussion went on for hours afterwards. For MidAmeriCon II we would like to celebrate the 40th anniversary and carry on the discussion.

The World Science Fiction Convention is run on a shoestring by volunteers. If we’re going to have a Susan Wood Symposium, we need to make it happen ourselves. This is both a challenge and an opportunity. If you have an idea for a panel discussion, paper, or demonstration that is relevant to Women in Science Fiction, Susan Wood, or any of Susan Wood’s interests (which were very broad), please let us know. The simplest thing would be to get on the project mailing list so you can join in the planning.

Oral History

If you knew Susan Wood, we’d love to hear your stories and thoughts about her, and record them.


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